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Lily's Gardevoir

Gardevoir is Lily's first Pokemon and closest friend. She is the main character of the comic. Gardevoir was bred by one of the last prolific Pokemon mills in the country in 1994 and sold to Lily's mother at a pet shop two years later. Though warned that Ralts were not intended to be children's pets, Lily's mother refused to heed the warnings and gave Ralts to Lily that year for Christmas. In spite of the warnings made by the pet shop owner, Lily took to Ralts like a new best friend rather than a pet and the two were inseparable after that point. Ralts followed Lily everywhere, and Lily refused to heed rules barring Pokemon from places like restaurants or schools. Because Ralts was so small and Lily so adamant, most people refused to fight her on it. Ralts and Lily's bond started to develop shortly after Lily started school, with the two able to feel each other's emotions. This manifested in Lily seeming to exhibit mood swings when she was feeling Ralts' mood. They also had a very rudimentary telepathic link, with the two able to communicate basic thoughts without speaking. I

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Lily's Gardevoir

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